Listening to Miasmic Mutation it’s evident that this is exactly the album for which the UK death metal scene has been crying out. Now I’m not talking about deathcore or whatever-core here, we’ve got plenty of bands who can do that pretty well, what I’m talking about is a group who really nail the traditional old-school death metal sound.

American and mainland European bands have been smashing out this kind of stuff for years but, here in the UK, there isn’t really a band who have managed to cut the mustard and, listening to the groove-soaked brutality of “The Icon Of Loss”, Abhorrent Decimation are clearly that band. Matching the likes of Deicide and Suffocation at their peak, Abhorrent Decimation are simply head and shoulders above the rest of the UK death metal scene.

Clinically delivered, tracks like “For The Desperately Lost” and “Echoes Of The Vortex” are just fucking gargantuan. Benefitting from a polished production, every blast-beat, every guttural roar, every buzzing riff is enhanced tenfold while Ashley Scott’s lyrics are delivered with a spiteful rage I’ve not heard in a death metal band since before Glen Benton started smoking weed. Miasmic Mutation is a vicious lesson in hate from start to finish and has just about raised the bar out of reach for some years to come.

Sure, from the getgo it’s played at breakneck speed but, even so, Miasmic Mutation is one for the headbangers out there. The ridiculous grooves of “Terminal Reality” and opener “Glaciate The Servants” serve to loosen up any death metal-weary bones while album closer “Odious” sees the band sign off this flawless onslaught in epic fashion. An incredible album.

Track Listing:

01. Glaciate The Servents
02. The Icon Of Loss
03. Eternal Repulsion
04. Souls Of Sedation
05. For The Desperately Lost
06. Miasmic Mutations
07. Echoes Of The Vortex
08. Terminal Reality
09. Odious

Run Time: 37:55
Release Date: September 25, 2015

Check out the song “Glaciate The Servants” here.


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