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Jagermeister Canada’s 56 Parts. Best As One Mural Launch Party – The Hideout, Toronto – September 24, 2015



By: Kat Harlton
Photos By: Tiffany Shum

Last Thursday evening I checked out the launch party for Jägermeister Canada‘s 56 Parts. Best As One mural integration at The Hideout. The mural was inspired by Olivia Knapp‘s original work (which you can see here: and was done by local artist David Loran (AKA Jarus).

The mural was created to assist The Hideout and Loran in introducing the new Jägermeister campaign to consumers, based on the idea that ‘It’s more than a shot, it’s a story blended into one incredible liqueur to enjoy with friends and family anywhere.’

The party included a special performance by rockers Diemonds as well as complimentary food and drinks. I tried the nachos and wings, both of which get my thumbs up, I also had a Jägermeister mixed drink which was pretty good. I’m only familiar with doing Jägermeister as shots so I liked that the mixed drink was an option showcasing a different side of the brand.

Speaking with Jägermeister’s Trend & Scene Specialist Alex Vincenzi, I was given insight into The Hideout’s relationship with Jägermeister. Vincenzi had already been coming to The Hideout for quite awhile, and the venue in turn had already begun to establish a relationship with the brand via various musical events such as CMW and NXNE. Once Vincenzi stepped in with his new role at Jägermeister it was an easy transition of sharing ideas and discussing how to incorporate more art and music with the brand.

We’re not changing who we are, or what we do, we’re just exposing a different aspect of the brand artistically. We wanted to showcase what we’ve always loved about it and where it came from, it has so much history behind it and we really wanted to bring out that side of it and share the 56 parts story visually.”

This sentiment was echoed by Dave Videka who also spoke on behalf of Jägermeister, explaining that the campaign was “Completely inspired by the brand itself,” and they’ve developed “Three different campaigns to sort of allow each one to talk in a different way, they’re more thought out and provocative

This is the first time we’ve ever said, well maybe people should know what our history is, our heritage, our quality. The 56 parts are all of the important elements that go into it. We want people to realize that Jägermeister doesn’t necessarily mean ice cold shots at parties. For the first time it’s saying “we love all of this, but we also have all these great qualities as well and we’re not shy about them.  We want people to walk away with the ability to say I know what Jägermeister means

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new mural then I suggest swinging by The Hideout the next time you’re strolling along Queen West. It’s an impressive piece of work and really adds to the vibe of the area.

You can discover more about the Jägermeister 56 parts campaign here: