It only takes one aural assault from Desire Will Rot to confirm that Canada grinders Fuck The Facts have, yet again, kicked down the walls of the grindcore genre. A phenomenal thirty–eight minute musical experience, Desire Will Rot simply destroys any preconception you might have as to what this genre is about.

Yes, it is ridiculously heavy, but there is so much more contained within the content of this album that, from the opening blasts of “Everywhere Yet Nowhere,” you’ll be gripped. Yes, like all grindcore bands, Fuck The Facts ease into the task at hand with no fuss but, like the best grindcore bands (Napalm, DEP, Converge, Pig Destroyer, etc.), the beauty of their music comes from all the additional layers injected into the spine of the sound.

Whether it is catchy grooves you can really damage yourself to, scintillating guitar work, or just plain mental time changes, tracks like “Prey” and “Everywhere Yet Nowhere” are so much more than just bursts of white noise. However, while on paper to the outsider, this might sound like a complete nightmare, to any fan of the modern grindcore genre, as you let Desire Will Rot batter your senses from every angle, you’ll find yourself immersed in a record that simply works on every level.

Fuck The Facts have crafted their ideas together to create a monster of a record that, for the most part, is a fantastic display of vicious grindcore. However, when the melodies, the subtleties in the sounds, and the haunting moods are blended into the mix, it turns Desire Will Rot into a truly frightening proposition entirely.

Track Listing:

01. Everywhere Yet Nowhere
02. Shadows Collide
03. The Path Of Most Resistance
04. La Mort I
05. La Mort II
06. Prey
07. Storm Of Silence
08. Solitude
09. False Hope
10. Circle
11. Nothing Changes

Run Time: 38:50
Release Date: August 24, 2015

Check out the track “Solitude” here.

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