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By Jett White

It’s catchy, the lyrics are clever, it’s the perfect mix of alternative and pop rock, it’s by Bring Me The Horizon. Following up their 2013 release, Sempiternal, the British rockers unveiled their fifth studio album, That’s The Spirit, today. The release was announced in early June of this year with a very interesting promotional stunt. The band teased posters, stickers, and tattoos of the album cover’s umbrella symbol. Frontman, Oliver Sykes, has said this album is a loose concept record about life’s darker moods, such as depression, and a way of making light of it.

Drown, a single released eight months before the album was announced, was re-recorded for the album. Joining Drown, the singles “Happy Song,” “Throne” and “True Friends were also released before the album.  Sykes has said bands like Jane’s Addiction, Panic! at the Disco, Interpol and Radiohead were influences while writing the tracks. The LP was produced by Sykes and BMTH’s keyboardist Jordan Fish as they said an external producer was unnecessary.

On songs like “Oh No,” “Run” and “Follow You”, it is evident that the band drifting away from their metalcore roots and moving towards a more up-beat and pop rock vibe. The album may not be what some people were expecting; however, it is receiving rave reviews from Rock Sound, Kerrang! and… me.  I personally love the new direction Bring Me The Horizon is taking, and hope they continue with it.