Hailing from South Carolina, Brigades mix post-hardcore and pop-punk delivering a sound which I’ve already heard plenty of times before. Of course, that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy this album, but I did find it next to impossible to give them credit for anything unique on Indefinite.

The recording starts off with the title track “Indefinite,” which begins as a harmonic tune then kicks in with a very recognisable post-hardcore beat with lyrics to match. “Knife Dance” continues in this fashion and, despite sounding like many bands before them, is enjoyable to listen to as it switches from melodic to heavy and back again.

This said, the whole album has very much the same feel all the way through and, whilst listening to it, you would be forgiven for not clocking that several songs have passed without realising it. Of course there are exceptions to any rule and “Enemy” stands out from the crowd. Again, it has the same style as is throughout, but this time with a chorus that will pump you up with its pop-punk melody.

It’s quite hard to hold back my disappointment with Indefinite given that I’ve “heard this all before.” Fans of the post-hardcore music style will, in the case of Brigades, have found another band that I would only recommend if this is solely your thing. For the masses, however, I expect it will be received as “just another band.”

Track Listing:

01. Indefinite
02. Knife Dance
03. The Difference
04. Enemy
05. Foxholes & Deathbeds
06. Not Until I’ve Flatlined
07. Dearly Beloved
08. Fundamentals Of Being Sentimental
09. Running Blind
10. My Last Heart Attack
11. Undertow
12. Cyanide Chaser

Run Time: 36:59
Release Date: July 24, 2015

Check out the song “Enemy” here.