Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Biters are a band that are clearly here to remind the world what good old-fashioned rock and roll is all about! Electric Blood is an album that will make you want to knock back a shot and hit the town 80’s style. Biters are not here to moan about life but simply to enjoy what they do as they serve up a refreshing, modern day blast from the past, drawing influence from the greats such as AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Journey and Guns N’ Roses.

Electric Blood opens strongly with the tune ‘Restless Hearts’, a true 80’s rock extravaganza all about partying and enjoying life to the fullest. It’s energetic, catchy and sets the tone of what’s to come from Electric Blood. Following that is the fantastic ‘1975’, possibly the best track on the album all about, as the lyrics state, wanting to “rock and roll all night like its 1975”. I guarantee you will not be able to stop yourself from singing along. Track three, ‘Heart Full Of Rock And Roll’, continues the fashion of good old-fashioned rock and roll nostalgia and, once again, Biters will have you singing along whether you’re at home, in a club or enjoying what I can only imagine their exceptionally energetic live show. Up next is ‘Dreams Don’t Die’ which, while demonstrating the bands love of having a good time, it also shows a slightly more mellow side without the loss of those rifftastic choruses and emotionally charged vocals. In total there are ten tracks here and, aside from the above mentioned tunes, the album has no disappointing tracks with ‘The Kids Ain’t Alright’, ‘Low Lives In High Definition’ and ‘Loose From The Noose’ amongst the tracks that particularly stand out.

If you yearn for a simpler time before the rock scene became saturated by bands trying to push boundaries by creating new sub genres then Biters is the band for you. Long hair and leather clad, Biters are here to rock, party and ensure you come along for the ride.

Track Listing:

01. Restless Hearts
02. 1975
03. Heart Full Of Rock n Roll
04. Dream Don’t Die
05. Electric Blood
06. The Kids Ain’t Alright
07. Low Lives In High Definition
08. Time To Bleed
09. Loose From The Noose
10. Space Age Wasteland

Running Time: 35:02
Release Date: August 7, 2015

Check out the video for ‘Low Lives In Hi Definition’ here.