Cauterize is the second album from the side project of Creed/Alter Bridge guitar maestro, Mark Tremonti. Following on from 2012’s All I Was offering, Tremonti wastes no time in unleashing both barrels as “Radical Changes” kicks the album off with a barrage of speed metal shredding.

With the tone set, not only does the rest of the album see Tremonti uphold his reputation as one of modern rock’s leading guitarists with a breathtaking display but, in taking the lead behind the mic too, he also demonstrates his nonetheless impressive talents as a singer. Like the music, Tremonti puts in the kind of powerful, booming performance that blends in as effortlessly with the frantic thrashings of tracks like “Radical Changes” as they do on the more epic-sounding tracks like “Dark Place”.

Joining the guitarist in his line-up is one Wolfgang Van Halen on bass and, as the album progresses, it’s clear that you need some serious musical pedigree if you’re going to work alongside this rock heavyweight. “Tie The Noose” sees Tremonti let rip again with more devastating guitar work while the album close with “Providence,” the kind of song which, given Tremonti’s track record, could fill every corner of even the most soulless arena.

If you’re a fan of Alter Bridge and/or Creed, then you will be well aware of how much talent Tremonti possesses. You do get the feeling though that, no matter how good the guitarist performs for both bands, when you listen to him really unleashing his power on Cauterize, this is the real Mark Tremonti.

Track Listing:

01. Radical Change
02. Flying Monkeys
03. Cauterize
04. Arm Yourself
05. Dark Trip
06. Another Heart
07. Fall Again
08. Tie The Noose
09. Sympathy
10. Providence

Run Time: 44:08
Release Date: June 8, 2015

Check out the song “Another Heart” here.


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