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No End In Sight – “Black Clouds” [Album Review]

Although it sits comfortably alongside the albums by fellow countrymen Heaven Shall Burn and Caliban, Black Clouds doesn’t really offer enough in the way of variety to hold the listeners attention for more than a few listens.



It doesn’t take too long to work out that No End In Sight are from Germany. Sitting very comfortably alongside the likes of Heaven Shall Burn and Caliban, the Stuttgart-based quintet make very light work of blasting through the ten tracks of thrashy metalcore on Black Clouds.

Clearly very good at what they do, which is something you’d expect from a band who have been banging their collective heads for almost eleven years now, the main problem with Black Clouds is that it just doesn’t do anything different. Aside from the two forty second interludes, Black Clouds is just a heads-down thrashfest from the minute album opener “Born To Bleed” signals the start of the album.

From that point, right through until the closing moments of “Yesterday Is Overtaking,” No End In Sight simple bulldoze through their songs. Admittedly they do it very well so much so that, if you’re a fan of bands like Heaven Shall Burn, you’ll certainly be nodding your head to the likes of “Battlefields” but, as I found, by the time my metal-battered had finished listening, my head felt like someone was setting off a pneumatic drill inside it.

There was a time when I could listen to albums like this all day long – nowadays I like a bit of variety in my metal and sadly, Black Clouds, while being a solid, clinical example of modern German metal, is too one dimensional to be an album I’m going to be revisiting much in the future.

Track Listing:

01. Born To Bleed
02. Thrashhammer
03. Motionless
04. Question Everything
05. K.T.W.A.R.I.M
06. Battlefields
07. Black Clouds
08. Between Life And Death
09. Architects Of Ruin
10. Life In Chains
11. Perishing
12. Yesterday Is Overtaking

Run Time: 30:27
Release Date: March 27, 2015

Check out the video for “Architects Of Ruin” here.

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