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Insane Clown Posse “Unfuckwitable” List: Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope List the Best Michael Jackson Jams of All Time

Insane Clown Posse’s new album The Marvelous Missing Link (FOUND) is available now everywhere (released July 28th)! Recently Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope told us about their favourite Michael Jackson songs ever!



Insane Clown Posse’s new album The Marvelous Missing Link (FOUND) is available now everywhere (released July 28th) and ICP will be embarking on the national “Marvelous Missing Link Tour” in October, accompanied by P.O.D., Dope D.O.D., Stitches, and Young Wicked. So what better way to celebrate all of the good news than by having Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope tell us about their favourite Michael Jackson songs ever!?

Violent J’s 5 Favorite Michael Jackson Jams:

05. “Behind The Mask”

Violent J: This was a jam that Michael had recorded at some point of his fresh career and like many other super jams he made, for some stupid reason he decided not to use it. So after he died this song popped up for the first time on the Michael album. That’s the album he was supposedly working on when he died so “friends and producers” who knew him best finished the songs for him. A lot of people thought that was bullshit, but not me. I was just happy to have new Michael Jackson music one way or another. This song is easily the stand out track on the Michael album. I looked into it and found out that it’s actually an old song that a bunch of different artists have recorded throughout the years. Michael liked it and recorded his own version and I’m glad he did because his version is super fuckin’ dope. The fresh saxaphone is unfuckwitable in this song and the lady singing background vocals is incredible. As the song is fading out at the end you, can clearly hear her schooling it. Maybe that’s why Michael never used this track, because whoever that lady is smokes him at the ending.

04. “Streetwalker”

Violent J: This song was originally supposed to be on the Bad album, but they left it off and decided to use “Another Part Of Me” instead. “Street Walker” is so fuckin’ incredibly fresh, that every time I think about them sitting in the studio and deciding to use “Another Part Of Me” I just want to punch somebody. I just wish I could of been there with Michael and Quincy Jones to say “What the fuck are you guys smoking? ‘Another Part Of Me’ is OK, but next to ‘Streetwalker’ it sounds like poop. Are you guys fuckin’ crazy or something? Mike, do you want another number one hit or not, because ‘Streetwalker’ is it. Don’t be fuckin’ stupid!” I read Michael chose “Another Part Of Me” because he said it made him want to dance. I would have told his ass “Keep a cassette of it and play it every time you feel like dancing, but whatever you do, don’t fuck around and put it on the album in place of ‘Streetwalker’! Don’t be stupid!”

03. “Morphine”

Violent J: This song is crazy. This track was released on his remix album Blood On The Dance Floor, which featured five new never-before-heard cuts. What makes this song so crazy is Michael is clearly singing about Morphine and Demerol, which were two of his drugs of choice. This song seemed to slip under the radar and people didn’t really trip over it. This whole album kind of slipped under the radar in the U.S. although I heard the title track was a No 1 hit in Europe. The breakdown part where the “High” kicks in is easily the freshest part of the song. When the crazy hard beat kicks back in it’s just awesome. In the song he’s talking about somebody else using, but in reality he was clearly talking about the man in the mirror.

02. “Night Line”

Violent J: This song was an outtake from Thriller. I found this track on the internet. He’s fuckin’ crazy for leaving this song off Thriller. It could have and would have easily been another number one hit. It has that same super good feel of “Thriller” and it’s so ’80s it’s sick. This song is funky, the break downs are classic and it’s just the all around jam. We even sampled the music for an ICP track that we did with the Axe Murder Boys, figuring why not? It never was released and nobody’s ever heard it. Why not sample the hell out of it and steal the credit for some incredibly awesome music that they didn’t want for some stupid reason?

01. “We’ve Had Enough”

Violent J: This song (the long version) is my absolute number one favorite Michael Jackson track of all time. It was never released on any of his albums although I believe it was included in his one and only box set collection. I believe this song is about the bullshit of war. As you know, Michael is the master of adlibs, like his trademarks “Wooo!” and “Heee Heee!”. Well, this song is jam-packed with them. He gets so worked up at the ending of this song that he just goes crazy with “wooos” and screams and yelps more than any other song in his entire catalog. I love the passion he put into this song. How this song never made it onto an album as a main track or a single will always be a mystery to me.

Shaggy 2 Dope’s 5 Favorite Michael Jackson Jams:

05. “PYT (Pretty Young Thing)”

Shaggy 2 Dope: There are so many dope tracks on Thriller but Michael’s voice just shines so much on this song and the switch ups and breakdowns are fucking awesome. His voice is just totally top notch on this song. Fuckin’ amazing!

04. “Earth Song”

Shaggy 2 Dope: His voice on this song is at its absolute apex for sheer awesomeness and is just completely unfuckwitable. The content, delivery, and sound on “Earth Song” are all just fuckin’ perfect and everything on here is just so huge—it just builds and builds until the end when it’s absolutely massive. You hear it once you cant it outta your head for a fuckin’ year!

03. “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”

Shaggy 2 Dope: Even though “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” is really disco-sounding, I first heard it as a kid when disco was hitting. His soprano voice in this is just consistent and nonstop and doesn’t crack or break once. It totally gives you goosebumps and on top of that, the video’s fuckin’ awesome!

02. “Say Say Say”

Shaggy 2 Dope: Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney do this song as a duet, but Michael totally and completely totally outshines Paul McCartney. I think on that song his voice is the best you’ll ever hear it — the delivery of the lyrics, his passion. Everything on “Say Say Say” is so perfect and unfuckwitable that he makes Paul McCartney sound like shit, even though Paul sounds great. I could listen to this that song on repeat for a week straight.

01. “Human Nature”

Shaggy 2 Dope: “Human Nature” is a total classic for obvious reasons. I know I keep talking about how fresh Michael’s voice is, but on this song it’s just so perfectly smooth. When he hits those high background notes towards the end, it’s just magical. If you’ve ever seen a video of him performing this song live, the slow motion pop locking on “Human Nature” is unbelievable. And the crazy part is that in Australia a few years back, there was a kid that won that country’s equivalent of “American Idol” who did an acoustic cover of “Human Nature,” and after he won, the people on the morning news show kept saying he sounded as good or better than Michael Jackson, to which I say “Bullshit!” Michael Jackson is not to be fucked with!

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