While an album like this isn’t something I’d particularly review on this site, I do believe a record this good is worth sharing. Goat Torment are an incredible two piece that put together an amazing, ceremonial experience within a single album. In the vein of Cultes Des Ghoules (Poland) and Inquisition (US), this is a true underground piece of art.

Sermons to Death is nearly flawless from start to finish. A true work of ritualistic, dark, spiritual and Satan worshiping art, this album is especially fascinating. Goat Torment know exactly what they’re doing, they create something from nothing and have a completely levelheaded outlook on their craft – even down to the cover art, it screams innovative and imaginative. A great example would be a song like “Hierarchy of Negligence” which somehow manages to make the seedy underworld seem so genuinely beautiful.

Sometimes the simplest moments in music have the biggest impact, and with these conjured riffs it seems to take on the mind at full force. It’s not often that a band can write riffs alone that are thought provoking, but the lyrics herein are also very intricate. It really depends on your taste, but this style of ritualistic black metal is very uplifting and the sense of power you get from these musicians is intoxicating.

I could talk about the album’s spirituality all day, however the music itself is more than adequate to do so for more. True talent is present here, and I really couldn’t ask for anything more from Goat Torment. They put out a nearly perfect album that’s evenly balanced with fast and mid-paced riffing and spot-on execution. It’s one thing to have true meaning behind your creation, but it’s another to be really good at what you do, ultimately getting your point across in the clearest way possible. Goat Torment surely have that talent and then some… this is the most impressed I’ve been with an album all year.

Track Listing:

01. Opening the Gates
02. Bones Aligned
03. Rising Dominion
04. Hierarchy of Negligence
05. Within the Realm of Darkness
06. Defloration of the Holy Cunt
07. Death is Crowned
08. The Domineering Profane
09. Of Fire and Brimstone

Run Time: 38:58
Release Date: July 20, 2015

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