I remember the shock that reverberated around the media area at Sonisphere as the gathered press learned that the upcoming performance by Watford punks Gallows would be the last to feature their controversial frontman Frank Carter. Well, since that day, while his former bandmates regrouped and have continued on their snotty journey, Carter has flitted between various projects with his latest work, Blossom, judging by the opening snarls of “Juggernaut”, being his most scathing to date.

Finding some of the fire and venom that has been missing from his work since Gallows, rumblings from fellow gig-goers have claimed that this is Carter back at his best and, yes, a few listens to Blossom do seem to back up those opinions. While the majority of Blossom is a chaotic listen, tracks like “Devil Inside Of Me” have that cocky, sassy swagger that we’ve heard from Carter before. Having said that, for the best part, Blossom has plenty of moments like “Fangs” and “Primary Explosive” where you’re hearing the sound of Carter pouring blood, sweat, piss and tears into his music.

The album ends with the honest, gritty “I Hate You,” a track where Carter sneers “you’re a useless fuckin’ cunt” and, while it may be a brutal way to finish the release, it shows that the Frank Carter we all know and are a bit scared of, is back to his blistering best.

Track Listing:

01. Juggernaut
02. Trouble
03. Fangs
04. Devil Inside Me
05. Paradise
06. Loss
07. Beautiful Death
08. Rotten Blossom
09. Primary Explosive
10. I Hate You

Run Time: 34:07
Release Date: August 14, 2015

Check out the song “Juggernaut” here.


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