Hailing from a quiet area of the West Midlands in the UK, I give you Eva Plays Dead, a hard rock band who are simply wonderful at what they do. A quartet made up of vocalist Tiggy Dee, guitarist Matt Gascoyne, bassist Zach Shannon and drummer Seb Boyse who are out to prove their worth. It truly is a delight when I hear a new band that capture my attention in this way and their latest EP has done just that.

Sounds Of The Written Word opens with ‘Live Again’ which kicks straight in with a hard hitting drum beat and sweet guitar riffs followed by Tiggy’s rather hypnotic vocals. A perfect opening track it gives you a feel of what the band are about without giving away their best efforts right from the outset. Track two ‘Bad Girl’ could easily be mistaken for a cover of an 80’s rock band but I assure you this is all original! Every member of the band contributes to this fantastic track in perfect unison without stealing the spotlight from anyone else. This track also goes to show their versatility and willingness to diversify. Track three is the single, ‘Wonderland’, and it’s clear why this was chosen. Matt’s riffs opening up here are just a delight to the eardrums proving he is clearly a talented guitarist. However, Matt’s talent would be nothing without Seb and Zach’s support and of course Tiggy’s fantastic, story telling vocals. The EP continues in this fashion with ‘We Ain’t a Family’ and ending with my favourite track ‘1950’s Woman’, a wonderful story of Tiggy’s grandparents and the beautiful 1950’s woman that her grandfather fell in love with.

Sounds Of The Written Word reminds me of why I fell in love with rock music – by watching friends bands in grimy clubs around London. So, if you’re looking for something new but, at the same time, comfortingly familiar, I urge you to check out Eva Plays Dead!

Track Listing:

01. Live Again
02. Bad Girl
03. Wonderland
04. We Ain’t A Family
05. 1950’s Woman

Run Time: 19:01
Release Date: July 17, 2015

Check out the video for ‘Wonderland’ here.