What better way to celebrate their 20th anniversary than with an album, a solid album I might add and through their own label? This is Buckcherry’s seventh studio album and shows off every flavour of the band’s own brand of rock ‘n’ roll.

Energetic and ballsy, guitarist Keith Nelson said of the album “It should make you want to drive fast, fuck, and dance”. Opening with the first single ‘Bring It On Back’, the tone is set with a fast paced, signature Buckcherry track. That leads into ‘Tight Pants’ which features a nice horn riff and is ridiculously catchy. The ballad off the album comes in the form of ‘The Feeling Never Dies’ a song written in the hope of having vocalist Josh Todd’s daughter singalong to it during the bands down time. As you’ve come to expect now from Buckcherry, the album is full of singles and possible radio hits although, if you want to narrow it down to two that are almost dead certs to achieve hit status then I’d look no further than ‘Cradle’ or ‘Madness’ as starting point.

Rock ‘n’ Roll is typical Buckcherry and in no means do I mean that in a bad way. The band has their own defined sound, Josh Todd’s distinctive voice and their favourite subject to talk about…girls. Basically, everything you want from a Buckcherry album.

Track Listing:

01. Bring It On Back
02. Tight Pants
03. Wish To Carry On
04. The Feeling Never Dies
05. Cradle
06. The Madness
07. Wood
08. Rain’s Falling
09. Sex Appeal
10. Get With It

Running Time: 36:07
Release Date: 21 August 2015

Check out the video for ‘Tight Pants’ here.