Let me just start off by saying, Holy Shit! Show Your Greed has to be one of the most pissed-off hardcore releases I have ever heard. Typically this kind of album would not interest me, but Florida’s AXIS are something quite unique. There is so much passion loaded into this recording that it resulted in a never-ending assault on the senses. 2015 hasn’t seen an album that has differentiated from the rest of the hardcore pack…. until now.

As aforementioned, this is one of the most aggressive pieces I’ve heard this year. AXIS’s music certainly has a specific direction; it’s a simplistic and very straightforward approach, but man does their sound have impact. When you first hit play you can almost vividly see the band performing these songs live, something you have to experience to fully appreciate the group’s prowess.

As great as this album is, however, it does get a bit repetitive. The use of many similar chord/chord structures gets to be a bit mundane and some songs are even, at times, hard to distinguish from one another (if you listen all the way through). This said, it by no means takes away from the essence of the album as a whole and, either way, this is a solid fucking record that you need to hear!

Track listing:

01. Graze the Fire
02. Discouraged
03. Transgression
04. Show Your Greed
05. Burn (Eradicate)
06. Sincerity
07. Crippled Man
08. Badgelicker
09. With Silence
10. With Grace

Run Time: 25:07
Release Date: September 4, 2015

Check out the song “Transgression” here.