Tear Out The Heart are pissed and they do not give a fuck who knows it.

Dead Everywhere opens with the song of the same name – a spoken word song that progresses to a scream at the end and it’s a similar pattern throughout the course of this album in so much as the intensity grows with each song. Tear Out The Heart don’t skimp on the breakdowns or singalong sections either with each song giving plenty for fans to headbang, sing or just plain throwdown to. Elsewhere on the album, Tear Down The Heart experiment a little more with sampling as exhibited on songs like ‘Damage Control’ and ‘Incomplete’. ‘Incomplete’ also shows the band’s softer side before dropping in heavier instrumentals which fans of the band will not only be familiar with but will also have grown to expect from the band.

Subject-wise, a lot of the songs deal with death and anger which, when aided by vocalist Tyler Konersman’s incredibly wide range, the shredding guitars of Josh Spohr and Matthieu Murphy and the shit-kicking drums of Matt Epstein, actually draw the listener in to the material and leave you feeling like you’re actually experiencing the rage and not just listening to a bunch of songs by another angry metal band.

Track Listing:
01. Dead, Everywhere
02. Feel Real
03. I’ve Got Secrets
04. Damage Control
05. The Rejected
06. Boiled Nails
07. Breaking Through
08. Viking Funeral
09. You Are No King
10. Error
11. School of Bleeders
12. The Epitome Of Misery
13. Incomplete
14. Curse You

Release Date: January 27,2015
Run Time: 48:15 minutes

Check out the video for ‘The Rejected’ here.