Warner Music Canada

By Johna Autencio


An album of rich storytelling and beautiful lyrics is what Canadian folk/noir duo Scarlett Jane has just released for all to hear. The self-titled album is the group’s second edition of music that features 12 new songs.

Scarlett Jane singers Andrea Ramolo and Cindy Doire‘s vocals perfectly balance each other with grace, passion and harmony. Together, their voices blend well with each song whether one is singing the melody and the other with the harmonies, or vice versa.

The instrumentals alone range from a grungy rock vibe in “Nobody Waits,” to soft ballads and simple guitar strumming that continuously becomes stronger, more emotional and intimate as in “Broken Open,” all while maintaining their folk/noir genre.

Listening to the music made me feel calm, relaxed, safe, especially their song “Tic Toc.” It’s probably my most favourite song from the duo’s album – the lyrics, the instrumentals, and generally everything about that song just hit all the right notes for me.

From the very moment the first song on the album played, it gave me the general idea that the rest of it was going to be worthwhile.  And it is.

Scarlett Jane’s new album is now available for all in stores!