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The latest release from Toronto-based rock act, Final Thought, is the self-produced FANTASIZE. The EP was recorded at frontman Dustin Dopsa’s home in Toronto and contains a collection of songs that have been in the works for the past year and a half.

These tracks segue into one another with voice memos from the singer’s past, giving the EP a thematic and cohesive, album-like feel. The memos range from piano licks at Caius College in Cambridge to the voice of an ex-lover, hinting that Dopsa is no stranger to the work of Mr. Aubrey Graham (Drake). Overall the songs on FANTASIZE offer a more melancholy vibe than the group’s previous releases, but the band still acknowledges their former sound with the high-energy “City of Fools” and guitar heavy “Don’t Know”.

The band is keen to ensure that the new album is as accessible as possible, thus providing it as a FREE download from their various sites. PureGrainAudio, however, has the an exclusive premiere until the official drop of the Final Thought site later this week!


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