The Skinny: Pioneers of industrial-tinged extreme metal Fear Factory have premiered a new track online. ‘Dielectric’ is taken from the band’s much anticipated metallic masterpiece, Genexus and can be heard below.

Whereas the first two tracks on Genexus deal with themes of new machinery taking over the old and the enhancement of technology in the process, Dielectric deals with this new machinery learning about it’s capabilities and the advantages. Burton describes this transition: “After it’s enhancement the model learns that it’s power is protected in many ways. It has the ability to withstand enormous amounts of energy flowing through it’s form and has the ability to conduct the energy with it’s own determination. It cannot be deterred by hate or violence. The model will withstand all attacks and remain intact.”

Fear Factory’s 9th studio album and Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut will be in stores on August 7th worldwide.


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