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Ah London… home to all that is dreary and doomy. Well, sort of. But in this case it IS where you’ll hear the five members of the traditional Doom Metal band, Desolate Pathway, honing their chops! Formed by lead guitarist Vince Hempstead (who also played in both Pagan Altar and Sacrilege), the group also features the talents of Simon Stanton (vocals), Nuno JB Silva (rhythm guitar), Jim Rumsey (bass), and Mags (drums).

Desolate Pathway might only have come together in April of 2014, but their sound is already super-tight and well-rehearsed. Melding their passion for epic fantasy (Lord Of The Rings, A Song Of Ice And Fire, the Vikings TV series) with their love or traditional/retro doom metal (Candlemass, Cirith Ungol, Solitude Aeternus), Desolate Pathway have created a wonderous soundscape that is accompanied with equally captivating stories. From Valley Of The King, their debut album, we’re super-pleased to offer this exclusive free download of the band’s song “Forrest Of Mirrors”.


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