The Skinny: Brooklyn’s Dead Star recently released a new single for their latest track “Calm Punk” which features the band’s signature ’90s-leaning rock. Their sound pairs crunchy, fuzzed-out guitars with catchy pop hooks. Together, Jeff Moore (guitar, vocals), John Watterberg (bass) and Jaye Moore (drums) comprise the group.

The band is a sonic throwback to the ’90s with a modern twist, blending elements of rock, pop, and grunge to create a large, resonant sound full of memorable hooks, melodic vocals, and plenty of guitar solos. Having been compared to iconic acts like Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, and Pavement, the band has won over fans with their raucous live show. Dead Stars has shared stages with bands like Fucked Up, White Fence, Nude Beach and Girlpool.