Weedeater is one of my favorite doom metal bands. I adore Godluck and Good Speed and Jason… The Dragon, however, I wasn’t feeling the same vibe on their newest effort, Goliathan. It seemed to be a bit of an odd release for Weedeater, compared to their previous works. Totaling only half an hour in length, it seemed a bit brief for a doom release. I feel like a lot of this record was just short jams that didn’t really lead anywhere special. I also thought the overall sound was a little weak; the guitar and bass tones felt less heavy and the drums didn’t have much reverb.

Even though this kind of record isn’t typical for Weedeater, I will say that it has some redeeming qualities. Songs like “Processional” and “Battered & Fried” really let their Southern roots shine through. I also always liked the use of the banjo on previous records so it’s good to see Dixie Dave Collins bring that back.

This all said, I’m not by any means trying to shoot the band down. Once you hook me in as a fan, I’m a fan for life, no matter how good or bad the album/movie/book etc. is. Goliathan just didn’t feel as well manufactured as their previous releases. Fans that have been listening since the beginning, however, shouldn’t have much of a problem with this one.

Track Listing:

01. Processional
02. Goliathan
03. Cain Enabler
04. Bow Down
05. Battered & Fried
06. Claw of the Sloth
07. Bully
08. Joseph (All Talk)
09. Reprise
10. Benaddiction

Run Time: 33:13
Release Date: May 18, 2015

Check out the song “Twilight Of The Gods” here.