The album title Wieder Geil! roughly translates to “Horny Again,” and this realization indeed sets the stage for German transcore band We Butter The Bread With Butter’s fourth opus. Wieder Geil! brings together elements of electronic dance music, industrial metal, and djent in a manner that is nothing short of outrageous. The imminent outrage stems from the fact that these diverse genres meld together flawlessly on the album, making WBTBWB brave explorers of uncharted musical territory.

Wieder Geil! opens up with the track “Mach Was Mit Medien” translating to “I’ll Do What With Media,” featuring a heavy EDM-infused breakdown that would incite a frenzied mosh pit. Vocalist Paul Bartzsch utilizes his full vocal range to go between guttural screams to crystal clear cleans, while floating between German and English lyrics throughout the album. The track “Exorzist” has a creepy vibe thanks to well-utilized synth and samples, djent guitar tones, and a chorus that sways from soulful singing to evil growls. If you’re looking for a song to get you amped, “Rockstar” is by far the catchiest on Wieder Geil! and although it lacks deep substance, it is at its core a fun three minute dance party.

Overall Wieder Geil! is simply an entertaining album. It is light-hearted, and shows off We Butter The Bread With Butter’s unique style and writing skills. The music is certainly not for everyone, especially if you take your metal very seriously. That said, if you’re looking for a fun, catchy and fresh style of metal to jam to, I recommend buckling your seatbelt and delving into the decadent ride that is Wieder Geil!.

Track Listing:

01. Ich Mach Was Mit Medien
02. Exorzist
03. Anarchy
04. Berlin, Berlin!
05. Bang Bang Bang
06. Gib Mir Mehr
07. Rockstar
08. Thug Life
09. Warum Lieben Wir Nicht Mehr
10. Zombiebitch

Run Time: 35:56
Release Date: May 22, 2015

Check out the song “Floating In Sadness” here.