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Savannah, Georgia is home to a trio (2-guy, 1-gal combo) of musicians that perform under the moniker Cusses. The band is all about the rock ‘n’ roll and that couldn’t ring truer than with the 4 songs you’ll find on their forthcoming EP, Here Comes The Rat. We’ll give you more details in a second but first, download (link above) the group’s new song “Sally and Her Tassels” and/or hit PLAY!

Cusses’s music is by no means “plain” rock and roll – their guitar-driven, fuzzed out music comes packed with touches of punk, hardcore, psychedelic garage, and even metallic grunge. It’s melodic yet heavy, it’s clean yet dirty, it’s Cusses and that’s really all that matters. Enjoy the song, get ready for the June 2nd release of Here Comes The Rat via HA! Records, and absolutely keep an eye out for the band as they’re going to be bringing the proverbial noise when they eventually drop their full-length, Golden Rat.

Here Comes The Rat EP Track Listing:

01. Golden Rat
02. Sally And Her Tassels
03. I’m Gonna Get You
04. Teenage Monster


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