A Latin choir gives way to the massively percussive, riff-driven disc opener, “The Ninth Wave,” a more than nine minute track that, right out of the gate, kicks things off in epic fashion. The power metal heavyweights, Blind Guardian, have put together, what I feel is, the best album of their long-lasting career. As many of you are aware, European power metal is not usually my thing, more often than not I find it boring and generic, but there are exceptions to every rule and Blind Guardian is definitely one of those exceptions.

Beyond The Red Mirror is heavy, melodic, and filled with unbelievable musicianship across the board. As I mentioned, this album begins with a bang and quite honestly it does not let up until the second to last track, “Miracle Machine,” a tamped down, piano-driven number that, while good, seems to interrupt the overall flow. With the exception of this one song, Beyond The Red Mirror is the equivalent of an aural eargasm, I know I have used this word already, but this record is pure epicness.

The production, arrangement, and track sequencing are spot on, and work seamlessly together to propel the listener through the full spectrum of emotions, especially when listened to as intended; from top to bottom. This is a fantastic record and I highly suggest that after reading this review, you run, not walk, to the nearest record store (if they still exist) and pick up a copy of Beyond The Red Mirror.

Track Listing:

01. The Ninth Wave
02. Twilight Of The Gods
03. Prophecies
04. At The Edge Of Time
05. Ashes Of Eternity
06. The Holy Grail
07. The Throne
08. Sacred Mind
09. Miracle Machine
10. Grand Parade

Run Time: 65:20
Release Date: January 30, 2015

Check out the song “Twilight Of The Gods” here.