I can guarantee that the Bovine Sex Club has never been as packed as it was June 4th, 2015 when Pittsburgh punk rock legends, Anti-Flag, played a special, intimate show. The Bovine stage just managed to fit their rigs and drum kit, but with that being said the band made use of every inch of the stage.

Both Chris Barker (bass) and Justin Sane (guitar, vocals) engaged the Bovine crowd perfectly, really making use of the intimate environment and close connection to their fans. You could tell from the first song to the last that Anti-Flag was excited to be playing a small show like this one – they mentioned it on several occasions.

Overall this was an absolutely awesome show: The sound was great, plus the energy between the band and crowd was top-notch. Random quote of the night goes to guitarist and vocalist Justin Sane: “Fuck Stephen Harper!”

You can catch Anti-Flag on tour as they promote their new album American Spring – hit this site for a current list of dates: www.anti-flag.com/tour-dates/.

Check out the song “Brandenburg Gate” feat. Tim Armstrong here.