Mexico’s Acrania is a true Prog/Extreme Metal beast. Theirs is a unique combination of manic rhythmical patterns, Afro Cuban sounds, twisted riffing, Jazz-like ambiances, and an unparalleled use of brass instrumentation. Bearing all this in mind, it becomes obvious why they chose to name of their latest album Fearless.

Recorded in the band’s hometown (Mexico City), partly financed with the help of the state’s cultural institutions, and featuring stunning artwork by German artist, Eliran Kantor, Fearless unashamedly showcases many cultural self-references and dares to break some genre conventions. For example, in tracks “People Of The Blaze” and “Hypocritical Conflict”, the brass instruments become a leading voice, replacing guitar solos and adding a new level of mayhem. The use of the aforementioned percussion and Jazzy patterns also introduces additional kinetic drive and a unmistakable Latin flavor.

Acrania clearly wants to make a point with this album. This quintet is not afraid to showcase their commanding musical virtuosity, highly-skilled songwriting, and overall creativity. Now the world needs to take notice and embrace them. They could be on the brink of becoming the next Cynic or Atheist, but on steroids… Seriously.

Track Listing:

01. People of the Blaze
02. Poverty Is In The Soul
03. I Was Never Dead
04. Blinded by Power
05. Overflow
06. En El Puerto
07. Hypocritical Conflict
08. Man’s Search for Meaning
09. Point Of Collision

Run Time: 38:50
Release Date: April 25, 2015

Check out the album ‘Fearless’ here.