The Skinny: Someone once said “rock isn’t dead it’s just moved underground.” Well local rock and metal fans of San Jose, CA came out in full support at Rockbar Theater to show that rock music is a force to be reckoned with. The Soothing Sound Of Flight was one of many bands that hit the stage, but what set them apart from the rest was their sound. Playing a three-song set, the five members of The Soothing Sound Of Flight gave new fans a taste of the intricacy of their music. These guys are some seriously talented musicians!

Hailing from San Jose, CA and currently unsigned, The Soothing Sound Of Flight released their debut and self-titled album in March 2015. Composed of long time friends, writing music practically came easy and inspired some melt-your-face off songs. The Soothing Sound Of Flight pushes the barrier of progressive metal and aims to open the door for new prog-listeners. Big things are coming this way for The Soothing Sound Of Flight! Listen to their debut album for a free via Bandcamp!