The Gitas’ Garland has a little something for everyone… in my world, everyone likes grunge/blues-influenced rock. Dripping with that Los Angeles laid back sound, Garland is good listening for any time of day. The Gitas offer up traditional L.A. rock with a hint of psychedelic, Eastern European blues, and a touch of sitar.

Vocalist Sasha Chemerov demonstrates his vocal range throughout the album, with emphasis on “Mood For Love,” with rough lows, and smooth high notes and guttural screams in between. At times (especially on the track “Brand New Life”) his voice takes on a very Benjamin Kowalewicz (Billy Talent) sound, just an octave or two lower, which goes well with the laid-back rock The Gitas create.

The grungey, blues rock-infused album is exactly the kind of music you expect to hear when you’re watching the heat rise off of asphalt. It’s also what you need to get you through a particularly angsty day. You can listen to this album while you do whatever you want, but my suggestions are pretty good, so find some hot pavement or channel your inner angsty teen. DO IT NOW!

Track Listing:

01. Brand New Life
02. Black Crows
03. My Baby Gets Stuck (With Drugs)
04. Mood For Love
05. Precious Day
06. Cat
07. Someone To Die With

Run Time: 24:25
Release Date: January 27, 2015

Check out the album ‘Garland’ here.