I didn’t realize this originally, but this is one of the shortest EPs that I’ve ever heard. There are only 3 songs, and each song is under 3 minutes long. So, let’s get to it.

The Eulogy is a self-titled EP from the band, YOU GUESSED IT, The Eulogy. This hardcore group from Cali is about as straight forward as it comes with hardcore. Each song is pretty energetic with an undertone of significantly pissed off. All three tracks consist of power chord-based riffs and vocals that are projected as though the vocalist is trying to get his point across to someone who is adamantly disagreeing with him while standing on the opposite side of an L.A. highway.

The production is pretty cleaned-up for hardcore, which is a nice change of pace in my opinion. Producer Nick Jett was able to keep the otherwise very gritty sound well packaged, sonically speaking, so that the listening experience allows for you to crank the music as loud as you’d like without blowing out your speakers or popping an eardrum due to an overload of white or brown noise. Nick did, however, keep some of the authentic “live” elements to hardcore by not over editing or gating guitar parts and leaving in a little speaker buzz during some instrumental rests at the end of phrases as well as at the very ends of the songs.

If you’re a hardcore enthusiast, you will be very pleased with what you hear and given the sound of the EP, I imagine the live show being a riot, but if you’re not of the hardcore variety, you could imagine which finger to refer to.

Track Listing:

01. Pummel
02. No Matter What
03. The Plague

Run Time: 6:09
Release Date: January 6, 2015

Check out the Album ‘The Eulogy’ here.