Having originally formed in 2007, not more then a stones through away from where I live in Bromley, South London, Stoneghost slowly made a name for themselves and built up a loyal following. This earned them the right to play at Bloodstock in the UK, twice, and at the behemoth of metal festivals that is Germany’s Wacken Open Air. Now, in 2015, Stoneghost give us their debut album New Age Of Old Ways and well, it’s one hell of an offering! Seriously, this debut is fantastic which is saying something considering the last debut that got me this excited was Machine Head’s Burn My Eyes!

New Age Of Old Ways opens with “Faceless Ghost,” an astonishing opening tune! Solid shredding, growling guitars and deep bass are all held together with an exceptional drum beat. Vocalist Jason Smith’s brutal and emotional lyrics complement the music perfectly. This track is all about Jason’s fears and worries about the impending birth of his daughter. This is directly followed by ‘Devil’s Motion’ continuing in this style, but is about a more desirable past time, as the band have stated themselves, carnal pleasures! Other stand out tracks include ‘Second To Breath’ and ‘The Sound Remains’ although, in all honesty, all songs on this tremendous album stand out in their own way and have all earned a place in my top rated playlist – a feat that is rarely achieved!

If you are a metal fan who enjoys the likes of Lamb Of God and Pantera, this is truly right up your street. In short you need this in your collection!

Track Listing:

01. Faceless Ghost
02. Devil’s Motion
03. All They Need Is The Light
04. Second To Breath
05. The Sound Remains
06. Raynardine
07. Sleeper
08. Your Trigger My Finger
09. Third Degree
10. Let Sleeping Beasts Lie
11. Mother Of All Bastards

Run Time: 55:11
Release Date: April 14, 2015

Check out the song “Faceless Ghost” here.