We are only a few months into 2015, but there is no doubt that Senses Fail would be a top nominee for craziest performance of the year! Vocalist Buddy Nielsen hit the stage with renewed energy and educated fans on how a metalcore show is performed by stage diving into the crowd, running around like a maniac, and doing sit-ups and hand stands all while screaming his lungs out.

In recent months, Nielsen came out as queer, stating: “He doesn’t identify as gay, though, as he has only had long-term relationships with women, like his current girlfriend.” Senses Fail’s Facebook page has been a mixed dialogue of support and judgments, but fans throughout the venue expressed clear support for Nielsen and the band. Much hype has been circulating around their latest single “All You Need Is Already Within You,” as many fans sang lyrics along with Nielsen. Senses Fail’s new album is expected for release sometime this year.