Islasorna describe their sound as progressive metal but, by the time their debut EP, E.D.E.N., had reached track two, “Achluophobia”, it’s very obvious there is much more to their armoury than just beard-stroking progressive metal. In fact,if I’m being honest there is a hell of a lot going on that it’s hard to really keep up with where the Scots are heading with their sound.

For example, the aforementioned “Achluophobia” is about as skull-crushingly heavy and dark as you can possibly take whereas “Choices” sees the band mix traditional metal with ferocious metalcore with a dash of hardcore. The end result is devastating obviously but in a different way to “Achluophobia” where the band simply throw you to the ground and smash your head into a bloody pulp. Elsewhere, “Judas” sees the band introduce a more serene element to their sound before “2-8-5-4” sees their sound explode into ball of skittish tech/prog metal that will sound very familiar to fans of bands like Sikth and Dillinger Escape Plan.

Displaying a lot of great ideas in these six tracks, Islasorna are definitely a band to watch on the strength of this EP. Hopefully they’ll be able to channel some of their key strengths into a debut album that will blow the UK tech/prog scene right apart.

Track Listing:

01. Obliteration
02. Achluophobia
03. Choices
04. Judas
05. 4-2-8
06. E.D.E.N.

Run Time: 18:50
Release Date: 1 June, 2015


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