By Kat Harlton

Up until last night I had only ever heard of Indian Handcrafts. I wasn’t familiar with their sound, and probably wouldn’t have sought them out on my own, but decided to broaden my musical base at the suggestion of fellow Lithium photog/journalist Aaron Tamachi.

The first night of Canadian Music Week, the band played a midnight show at The Hideout that brought their brand of metal to the masses. My first thought after they started playing was that I was being assaulted. They have such a big, explosive sound that it instantly reverberates throughout the bodies of show attendees. It was doom, it was apocalyptic, and I felt that at any moment the heavens could burst open – it was actually pretty awesome.

To be honest, what stood out for me the most was Brandyn Aikins’ drumming. He is without a doubt one of the best drummers I’ve seen live – fast, detailed, and the driving force behind their crushing sound. As far as first musical introductions go, that was one of the best I’ve had. I’d check out Indian Handcrafts again for sure.