Sometimes your day just screams for some nasty, old school death metal and, honestly, if you’re having one of those days, then I can recommend Savage Land, the new album from death metal savages Gruesome enough.

A grizzly tribute to Florida death metal legends Death, Savage Land has all the hallmarks of a proper filthy death metal album. From the raw guitar sound, the gory cover artwork and the filthy, guttural vocals, Savage Land is like a trip down memory lane to the days when death metal didn’t sell t-shirts in Hot Topic or sit on the front cover of the mainstream metal mags. Reeking of the Florida swamps on a steaming hot day, the likes of “Demonized” and “Gangrene” are stinking slabs of brutality. As mentioned already, Florida death metal legends Death are an obvious port of call when it comes to influences, but there are also moments where you hear a nod of appreciation towards both Obituary and Slayer.

Savage Land doesn’t throw up any surprises as it goes on its festering way, but these eight slices of gruesome death metal most definitely hit the mark. So, if you fancy it, put this on, sit back and take your mind back to the heydays of the early ’90s when the Florida death metal scene was a true force to be reckoned with on the worldwide metal scene.

Track Listing:

01. Savage Land
02. Trapped In Hell
03. Demonized
04. Hideous
05. Gangrene
06. Closed Casket
07. Pyschic Twin
08. Gruesome

Run Time: 36:13
Release Date: April 20, 2015

Check out the song “Savage Land” here.


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