Last year my ears were assaulted by Change Nothing, Regret Everything, the 2014 EP from female-fronted chaotic-hardcore mob Employed To Serve. It was a vicious assault to say the least. I also remember that, if I paid real attention to the brain-melting frenzy, I could hear some real groove hidden away. So, here we are, just over a year later and I can tell just by looking at the running time that little is going to have changed.

The ten tracks that make up Greyer Than You Remember clock in at just over five minutes longer than their previous EP, so it’s a safe bet that the band have upped the ante on this one. And it only takes one blast of songs like “No One’s Is Perfect, This Includes You” to hear how much more focused and lethal their sound has become since that 2014 EP. Sure, the spine of the sound is still furious, dark, throat-wrecking hardcore, but songs like “Bones To Break” showcase a more atmospheric side to their personality. Of course, even when they slow it down to a haunting drone, Employed To Serve still sound utterly hellish but you’d be disappointed if the UK four-piece shifted too much from their blueprint.

Fronting the band is Justine a vocalist who, on tracks like “Beg For Rain,” simply opens up her throat and unleashes one of the most vicious displays you’ll have heard in a long time. Her almost possessed-sounding screams really set the bar high for the band who, to be fair, match her note for note; you find yourself listening to four band members locking together seamlessly to create an end product that will utterly crush your will to live.

Track Listing:

01. Live Without
02. Watch Films To Forget
03. Greyer Than You Remember
04. Threads
05. No One’s Is Perfect, This Includes You
06. Bones To Break
07. Tower Mouth
08. Beg For Rain
09. Bury Yourself (Deep)
10. As Cold As The Rest

Run Time: 30:26
Release Date: May 25, 2015

Check out the song “You Looked Forever” here.


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