Review by Nicole Ireland

Sneaky Dee’s has been the backdrop to some of my favourite concert memories, and watching Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! (CNCC) absolutely kill it on May 19th was no different.

CNCC puts on such a fun, high energy show and I always think they’re worth checking out when they make it to Toronto! Their lead singer Bert Poncet spends most of his time right up in the faces of the people in the front row; he really engages the audience and he’s damn good at making everybody go absolutely nuts.

The audience at this show was incredible! At most shows I’ve been to, the crowd is pretty tame until the headliner. The crowd was moshing just as hard and crowd surfing just as much during the opening bands as they were for CNCC. It was really nice to see the support for the openers, especially because there were so many! Parkside, Fighting Season, In Her Own Words, To the Wind, Like Pacific and Forever Came Calling all performed before CNCC. For those who didn’t want to do the math, that’s six bands! Even though the doors opened at 5:00pm, the crowd kept the energy at a 10 all night long. Side note: To the guy who started doing the Macarena in the pit, you’re my new hero.

Fans were going wild all night, but it was taken to a completely different  level when Poncet announced that during the final encore he wanted the crowd to come up on the stage and try to take a selfie with each band member. It was easily the coolest five minutes of my life! I appreciate that CNCC uses these smaller, more intimate venues the best they can by giving the fans an experience that they could never recreate at a big venue like the Air Canada Centre or the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. It was a fantastic show, and I’m already looking forward to the next time CNCC comes to Toronto.