Review and Photos By Natalie Paterson

Odysseo is the second show from the creators of Cavalia, based in Montreal, Quebec. Cavalia itself has been touring the world since its premiere in 2011, and has been to the United States, Mexico, and across Canada. With 70 horses and 45 artists, Odysseo takes the audience on a journey through majestic landscapes and stunning performance.

I was able to attend the Odysseo on its Social Media night, and got to experience the VIP treatment. There was a stunning buffet available before the show and during the intermission, as well as the opportunity to tour the stables and see some of the highlight performers after their moment in the spotlight. The stunning adverts that are plastered around Toronto do not do this show justice whatsoever. It is so much more than a horse show.

All the music and vocal performance is done live during the show. According to the program, this is because, while the horses have a basic choreography, they tend to be free-spirited and have the potential to deviate from what they’ve been taught. This provides a unique experience for every audience.

Throughout the show, there were several acrobatic performances, including skills performed on silks and on a moving, functional carousel. It was an incredible experience. I’m hesitant to refer to the show as anything but an experience, because it was simply amazing. I loved every minute of it, from the show, to getting to tour the stables and see backstage (even getting to go on the stage!) was incredible.

I highly recommend seeing this show while it’s in Toronto, and if you miss it here, check it out in Montreal if you can. You can’t miss it, since it’s conveniently located at the Port Lands downtown, underneath the Big White Top.

Cavalia’s Odysseo will be in Toronto from now until May 24th.