Calling Barren Earth a supergroup might be stretching that term a bit far, nonetheless taking a look at the members’ individual CVs makes for some impressive reading. Having already released two albums, both to very warm receptions, the group have returned for that tricky third offering, an offering which is made slightly more complicated due to Barren Earth’s recent vocalist swap.

Jon Aldara has taken up that mantle and if anything, with his mighty range, has made the band sound all the more complete. The short but impressive instrumental intro, “From The Depths Of Spring,” sets up the album nicely before you really get into the juicy stuff with “Howl.” Things blare along wonderfully, however, it is the eleven minute epic title track that really sets this apart from anything else the guys have previously produced.

With On Lonely Towers it feels as though Barren Earth have perfected their style; everything seems to be working in harmony and the results make for an album that is not only technically outstanding, but also a truly enjoyable listen. Without a doubt their finest hour to date.

Track Listing:

01. From The Depths Of Spring
02. Howl
03. Frozen Processions
04. A Shapeless Derelict
05. Set Alight
06. On Lonely Towers
07. Chaos, The Songs Within
08. The Vault

Run Time: 57:40
Release Date: March 24, 2015

Check out the song “Set Alight” here.