Review by Alex Young
Photos by Trav Anema

Joe’s Apartment was lit up with the electrifying soul of rock n’ roll thanks to modern rock outlaws Mob Machine and Strip setting the stage on fire like they were going to burn the venue down. Although many bands attempt to tap into the empowering spirit of classic rock, very few actually succeed in harnessing their own sound with searing songwriting and a ferocious attitude onstage. Despite the onslaught of imitators and emulators, both MM and Strip segregate themselves from hordes of generic rock bands fighting to get onto radio via rapid-fire live performances and in studio skill. If you are looking for new rock bands with riffs and choruses that bite like a rattle snake then these two bands of hell-raisers are your ticket to rock and roll heaven.

Mob Machine is currently supporting their latest single “Silence of a Gun” and resurrected the song onstage with a vengeance. Lead singer Johnny De Farias lit up the crowd like they were fireworks on the fourth of July. The band has a flare for revealing the raw underbelly of rock while lacing every song with slick guitar hooks and gargantuan choruses custom built to bring rock and roll into the twenty-first century. Tracks like “Black Roses” show MM flexing some versatility and proving they are here to fly the flag of a new generation of rock bands.

The party really popped off like a stick of dynamite when Strip hit the stage, opening with their newest single “Struttin’” which put the crowd in the palm of the band’s hand. The intoxicating tag team of guitarist Butterfly Mason and bassist Douggy Nes concocted an intoxicating musical chemistry that went down like a smooth sonic cocktail. From there the band charged into high voltage covers of KISS’ “Lick it Up” and Van Halen’s “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love”.

Onstage Strip is more like a bang than a band because they dial rock and roll back to its’ bad boy roots and command the crowd like it is the last night on earth. They closed the night with the explosive musical eruption of their track “Red”.

Rock fans should keep their eyes peeled for Strip to be blazing through a nearby town this summer.



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