This is an EP that I have been waiting for since I reviewed the band’s single, “Black Wind Of Death,” back in the beginning of March. Like I said then, Slikk Wikked is a young Tampa Bay, Florida-based thrash act that is flying the thrash flag loud and proud, and I think they are gonna blow your mind!

This balls-out thrash metal EP follows through on what they set in motion with their single, “Black Wind Of Death,” a gnarly, aggressive Bay Area thrash sound with influences ranging from Megadeth to Exodus, and tempos that never give you a break. The three new songs that round out this EP are just as strong and dope as the disc opener; they are fast and aggressive, but also contain killer instrumental breaks.

This is a record that makes me want to climb up in the attic and dust off my black leather biker jacket (assuming it still fits after all these years), polish the chains, and bang my head in old school fashion. I really LOVE what these guys are doing and I suggest you to drop by their page, listen to a track, and show them some love – the classic thrash attack is back! Hails!

Track Listing:

01. Black Wind Of Death
02. Brass knuckle Shuffle
03. Live Before You Die
04. Defcon 1

Run Time: 14:04
Release Date: April 24, 2015

Check out the song “Black Wind Of Death” here.