Live At The Opera was recorded on September 8, 2013 at Den Norske Opera & Ballet in Oslo, Norway, and features Satyricon joined onstage by 55 vocalists from the Norwegian National Opera Chorus. I know this sounds a bit odd, and at first I thought the same thing, but the moment the performance gets rolling it is more than evident that is a match made in… well, never mind, it is evident that it works extremely well!

This DVD is visually stunning and the contrast between the musical stylings of Black Metal and Opera is further accentuated by the performers’ wardrobes; the Opera singers are neatly coiffed and dressed in tuxedos, while Satyricon are clad in black denim with long flowing hair.

I have to be honest, I have never been a big fan of the band and I am not too familiar with their catalog, but after watching this performance in its entirety my opinion of the them has completely changed. Everything about this show is top-notch; the band turns in a terrific performance, the Opera singers are fantastic, and the lighting perfectly compliments and enhances the dark, ethereal vibe.

This is more than just a live concert, there is something really cool and unique about the mixing of the two genres that makes it a hauntingly heavy, almost theatrical experience. I really enjoyed this DVD and can honestly say that, after watching it, I plan on revisiting the band’s entire catalog to reacquaint myself with their work.

Track Listing:

01. Voice Of Shadows
02. Now, Diabolical
03. Repined Bastard Nation
04. Our Wold, it Rumbles Tonight
05. Nocturnal Flare
06. Die By My Hand
07. Tro Og Kraft
08. Phoenix
09. Den Siste
10. The Infinity of Time and Space
11. To The Mountains
12. The Pentagram Burns
13. Mother North
14. K.I.N.G

Run Time: 97:19
Release Date: May 1, 2015

Check out the song “Die By My Hand” here.