Review By Matthew Bamber

All lights were aglow for the stellar performance by Passion Pit at Danforth Music Hall on April 29th. I’m going to start by saying that I was blown away by this performance. I had been looking forward to the concert for weeks and expected greatness from the band. What the audience and I received was a symphony of sound mixed with some of the best live vocals I’ve heard to date.

The opening band Coal set down a good vibe for show goers as they danced and sang along to most of the band’s songs by the end of the performance. I enjoyed the synth-pop style of their music, but what struck me most was that the songs seemed very genuine. They depicted real feelings and situations that happen to most people in their lives. It is always refreshing to find meaning in lyrics nowadays, when most pop songs are generically written and mass produced.

As Passion Pit took the stage, the crowd lost their minds. It was a group effort to cram and pack as many bodies as close to the stage as possible. The audience didn’t seem to mind as they sang along and danced the night away to the array of their favourite Passion Pit songs. The band opened the show with their recent single Lifted Up (1985), a song I haven’t taken off repeat in a while as it creates such an uplifting feeling for listeners that is hard to not enjoy.

The band consists solely of Michael Angelakos (lead vocals/keyboards). He is joined live by Chris Hartz (drums), Aaron Harrison Folb (bass/synthesizers), Giuliano Pizzulo (guitar/synthesizers), Pete Cafarella (synthesizers) and Ray Suen (guitar/synthesizers). I find it amazing that so much talent and musical production can come from one person; and then be split up and transcribed live to the audience through the other performers.

All in all, it was an uplifting concert by Passion Pit that kept me singing their songs for days after the show. Kindred, the band’s third album was released on April 17, 2015 and was preceded by lead singles “Lifted Up (1985)”, “Where the Sky Hangs”, and “Until We Can’t (Let’s Go)”. Be sure to check it out and watch for Passion Pit for when they make their next stop near you!