By Johna Autencio
Photos by Don Quincy

OK Go, the four-man band most known for performing their hit song “Here It Goes Again,” at the 2006 MTV Music Video Awards, while on treadmills, was in Toronto for a one-night show. Unfortunately, there were no treadmills on stage, but the show must go on!

Held at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, their show was full of life and energy, yet very intimate at the same time.

The show started off with a blank white sheet playing clips of different characters from different movies repeating the words “ok” and “go,” which is obviously the name of their band. Band members had Go Pro’s attached to their microphone stands in order for special effects of their faces to be shown on screen while they performed.

I was surprised to see confetti fly out of the cannons during the third song. At first, I thought it was by accident because it’s the type of prop usually saved until the end of a show.  But, in this case, the confetti continued to fly sporadically throughout the set.

As for the intimacy during the evening, every break between songs, lead singer Damian Kulash would interact with the audience and answer fan questions.

On top of that, Kulash performed an acoustic version of their song “Last Leaf,” in the middle of the crowd, which I thought was a great way to connect with fans. It was also a way for the audience in the back to get a closer look of him. Since it was a small venue, Kulash didn’t even need a microphone because the room fell silent when he started to sing.

Throughout the evening, I grew to admire the band’s music and was highly entertained by their stage presence, especially when they re-enacted the music video version dance of their song, A Million Ways – it was definitely one of my favourite songs of the night.

“I Won’t Let You Down,” one of their newer tracks from their latest album Hungry Ghosts, was another favourite part of the performance. Everyone was singing the lyrics and clapping along to the upbeat music. It was an easy song to form a sing-along.

Indeed, Ok Go most certainly put on a great show because I truly had a wonderful evening as part of their audience and watching them perform. By the end of the night, I left the Phoenix Concert Theatre a dedicated fan of OK Go.