It’s been nearly twenty years since Morgoth released a studio album and yes, they weren’t an active band for twelve of those years, but it’s still taken them five years since their reformation to release new material. This new effort comes in the shape of their fourth album, Ungod, and even then it is without long-time vocalist Marc Grewe.

New vocalist Karsten “Jagger” Jager is a more than suitable replacement though, and he puts on a fine performance. The album’s first single, “God Is Evil,” displays not only Jager’s capabilities, but also confirms that, over the years, the band has lost none of their brutality. Moreover, opening track “House Of Blood” with the added grooves, shows a more matured approach and it’s one that works well.

Ungod marks a strong return for Morgoth. That said, will it have the success of their debut Cursed, all those years ago? Probably not, and it certainly isn’t taking death metal to any new places. Nonetheless, it is a very competent album that is brutal, enjoyable, and even at times rather accessible. What it is then, is a good starting point for the new Morgoth.

Track Listing:

01. House Of Blood
02. Voice Of Slumber
03. Snakestate
04. Black Enemy
05. Descent Into Hell
06. Ungod
07. Nemesis
08. God Is Evil
09. Traitor
10. Prison In Flesh
11. The Dark Sleep

Run Time: 46:23
Release Date: March 30, 2015

Check out the song “Voice Of Slumber” here.