Natural Causes is the self-released debut from Canadian blues rocker Mike MacKenzie and it’s hard to believe it’s a debut; after a quick listen it appears MacKenzie is a seasoned blues guitar player. Sonically, Natural Causes is best described as a sort of bluesy progressive hard rock. MacKenzie’s playing is amazing and his driving beats give these songs a nice, rocking edge.

Track 2, “Stronghold,” is a funky rocker that really caught my attention and is by far one of my favorites on the album. For the most part, this release is guitar-driven, and one that is heavy on solos. “Magentis,” for example, is not only an instrumental, but has an absolutely terrific lead guitar part that is both tasteful and extremely talented.

While not groundbreaking per se, Mike does have a lot of potential and it shows on this decent debut. Natural Causes is an enjoyable CD for fans of hard rocking blues, and I think it would make for a good soundtrack for the upcoming summer nights, while hanging on a patio with a bunch of buds drinking your favorite sudsy beverage.

Track Listing:

01. Genesis At Last
02. Stronghold
03. Magentis
04. I Can See Through You
05. Posion Arrow
06. Obsidian
07. Vying and Dying
08. Archipelago
09. Uncharted Waters
10. Smoke Signals
11. Empyrean Rays

Run Time: 54:11
Release Date: October 24, 2014

Check out the album ‘Natural Causes’ here.