Brantford, ON rock quartet Sons Of Revelry are one of the hottest new bands to emerge out of Southern Ontario. In just over a year since their formation, the group won a North American Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands competition, and earned themselves an opening slot on last summer’s UpRoar Festival with Godsmack, Pop Evil, and Buckcherry across the country. We recently caught up with drummer Sean Boyle to discus the new EP Born with a Bigga Goal read our review here, plus their forthcoming performance at the WTFest Music Festival in Brantford, Ontario on June 13th alongside Big Wreck, I Mother Earth and The Trews at Lions Park.

For a relatively new band you guys have an amazing list of accomplishments and more than most bands do in their entire career… Talk a bit about your sound and influences, because you’re not a typical hard rock band…
Boyle: Our sound is honest. It’s not manufactured, it’s not processed, it’s pure. We don’t try to be someone else, we’re just being ourselves and everything is natural. It’s simple rock and roll! The band has an extensive list of influences but we all have common influences that we share. These bands are The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queens of The Stone Age, Kings of Leon, Jack White and the almighty Led Zeppelin to name a few….

How do you describe the sound to someone that hasn’t heard the band before?
Boyle: Our sound is very unique but pure. We write honest music about life events and explain them in our lyrics. Our songs vary but the overall message is the same. Those listening for the first time we’ll hear the catchiness of our songs and strong musicianship. They’ll also hear remnants of our older class rock influences mixed in with the newer rock influences. Best of both worlds!

Talk about the new album and flying out to Hollywood to record at the legendary NRG Studios?
Boyle: That whole experience was a dream. Being able to record something so personal in a magical location like NRG is was a total dream come true. The songs sound huge. They sound epic and they sound like us. We were able to use some very legendary pieces of equipment such as a ’59 P Bass and a ’59 Telecaster! We also learned about their recording process down there where when it comes to recording, less is more! We can’t wait to go back down to Hollywood to compete the full-length.

You recently got off an opening slot on the UpRoar Festival with Godsmack, Buckcherry and Pop Evil all summer long. What was that tour like and what did it teach you?
Boyle: That tour was “once in a lifetime” for any band especially a newbie band like us. It taught us so much on many different levels. One big thing it taught us was our professionalism on and off the stage. Every day was hard work loading and unloading gear, get on and off stage on time, playing to the fans and making time to talk with people and sign autographs even! The tour also taught us things about the band we didn’t know. It taught us stuff about our personal lives and more. We have become a much stronger group of lads thanks to the Uproar Music Festival Ernie Ball and Rockstar Energy. Being able to play 5 nights a week In front of thousands of loving people was amazing.

Any cool stories from the road that you can share?
Boyle: Being able to hang out and party with some the world’s biggest music names was very memorable for all of us. Anything specific? Nope. It was all a dream.

You got confirmed for an opening slot on WTFest in Brantford on June 13th with Big Wreck, the Trews, and I Mother Earth. What is it like to have such a big show in your hometown?
Boyle: It is a true honour that the people involved in organizing the bands thought of us. Especially with us being such a newer and young band. The WTFest is definitely helping bring back the music to Brantford. It’s disappointing we haven’t had one organized since the last year of Hockeyfest but great to see someone bringing the music back! Jamie and his team have worked hard at bringing Brantford a great lineup of bands at a great price, and in our eyes he definitely succeeded! For the price of the weekend passes you could spend that on one night to see any one of those bands. To get all of them for that price is fantastic! Brantford and surrounding area better seize the opportunity. For us as a band being selected to play alongside these great bands is amazing. It gives us an opportunity to play in front our hometown fans at the level we were meant to be heard!

Who are you most looking forward to seeing at WTFest this year?
Boyle: For us the big bands to see are Big Wreck who just released an unreal album Ghosts last year and I Mother Earth who just released their new single “Devil’s Engine,” which is a wicked song. Sharing the stage with them will be an honour. Hopefully we’ll get to share some stories and drinks with them too!

Check out the song “TIME” here.


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