Halestorm (w/ Nothing More) @ O2 Academy (Leeds, UK) on March 18, 2015 [Show Review]

Lzzy Hale and her band brought some serious rock attitude to Leeds last month and Pure Grain Audio was on hand to bring you this review of their headline show.



Though tonight’s gig is clearly packed to the rafters with Halestorm fans, notable mention has to go to main support band, Nothing More. Releasing their first major label album in 2014, it is astoundingly obvious that they have been playing together for some time. Each track is performed with the sort of well rehearsed, yet somehow not cliché, showmanship that takes time to perfect. Managing to fit in a pretty spectacular drum set with lead singer taking the role of additional drummer and the rest of the band joining in…the routine was choreographed but perfectly entertaining if not a bit of a surprise. Their on stage antics and intense energy certainly gained them more than a few nods of approval and new fans.

In almost complete contrast, the band of the night Halestorm enter the stage with little build up or introduction, instead bursting straight into opening number “Apocalyptic”. Having never paid much attention to the band before I was instantly a bit annoyed at myself for not having done so. Front woman Lzzy Hale’s gravel toned vocals lend themselves perfectly to the bands rock and roll sound and her attitude is cool enough to make everyone pay attention without coming off as arrogant…a balance that is hard to perfect!

Highlights from their set list include a thumping rendition of “Freak Like Me” which gets the crowd going wild and sounds much like an anthem of rebellion for the new generation. They follow with an impressive cover of Judas Priest’s “Dissident Agressor” which not only shows off Hale’s outstanding vocal range, but also seems to appeal to the wide range of fans the band have acquired.

Further to her impressive vocal range, Lzzy Hale proved you can also rock hard while wearing stilettos, the crowd hung on her every note throughout and the whole band proved that they can put on a great show full of energy. No frills, no gimmicks, just a genuine rock and roll attitude and incredibly catchy songs.

After slowing the pace of the show for a haunting, and note perfect, rendition of “Familiar Taste Of Poison”, new single “Amen” gets the room pumping their fists to the infectious hook while crowd favourite “I Miss The Misery” sees the band giving all their energy in the closing of the set before a rip roaring encore and final song “Here’s To Us”.

Review by: Emily Bailey

Check out the song “Mayhem” here.


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