I remember seeing UK bruisers Godsized at a local club and my ears were still ringing three days later. Always the sign of a good metal band. Godsized have been peddling their riffy wares for a few years now and include the likes of Black Label Society amongst their touring buddies. Having had a taster of their new album courtesy of PureGrainAudio streaming “Saving You” right here, I’ve been eager to hear the rest of what these riff monsters have to offer on their new release.

From the offset, it doesn’t look like the UK shredders are going to disappoint. Blending a mix of metal, grunge and rock together, the sound is one that certainly begs to be played as loudly as possible. Demonstrated perfectly on the aforementioned “Saving You,” Heavy Lies The Crown is a heavy metal monster of an album. Full of thick sounding, wailing riffs, riffs that are obviously inspired by touring with guitar maestro Zakk Wylde, the likes of “Never A Better Time,” “Forgotten Friend” and, in particular, album opener “Welcome To Hell” are pure, unashamed heavy metal fodder. The clean, crisp vocals of frontman Glen Korner add a melodic element to the sound but, in all truth, Godsized’s sound is built primarily around big-sounding, beefy riffs.

Heavy Lies The Crown is an album for the heavy metal purist. It’s for those who appreciate the beauty of a good riff. It’s for the headbangers, it’s for the denim jacket crowd, it’s for those who like to leave gigs with their ears still ringing three days later.

Track Listing:

01. Welcome To Hell
02. Saving You
03. Pushing Against The Tide
04. Never A Better Time
05. Web Of Lies
06. Fade
07. Forgotten Friend
08. Do You See What I See
09. Stone Cold Blow To The Head
10. Out Of Fear
11. Pay Your Debt

Run Time: 51:54
Release Date: March 30, 2015

Check out the song “Saving You” here.


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