Dyed In Grey are a five-piece from New York who’ve been peddling their schizophrenic brand of progressive metal since 2009. The Forgotten Sequence is their latest mini-album and features five tracks of challenging, diverse music clearly targeted at your of above average intelligence metal fan. The problem I have with this album and, if I’m being honest, this genre as a whole, is that it doesn’t feel organic or real.

Yes, there is undoubtedly some really talent flowing through the Dyed In Grey ranks, but as you listen to the likes of opener “Holotrophic,” the end result doesn’t feel like it flows. As it spits, splutters and screeches between brutal death metal passages, clean, progressive passages and sections of just plain old bonkers bits, it just doesn’t feel like the various pieces sit together comfortably. Like doing a jigsaw and trying to stick the wrong pieces together, The Forgotten Sequence sounds like a mish-mash of really good ideas that somehow don’t sit together like they should.

Having said that, when it clicks, like it does during parts of “The New Obsolete,” it really does warrant your full attention, however, for the most part, The Forgotten Sequence just left me scratching my head thinking “what the fuck was that?”

Track Listing:

01. Holotrophic
02. The New Obsolete
03. Veil Of Obliveon
04. The Absonite Path
05. Gates Of Catharsis

Run Time: 27:00
Release Date: June 12, 2015

Check out the song “Filth” here.


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