The Skinny: New York City’s Atom Strange has released their new album The Lost Cosmonauts and now also premiered a Gerard Mendez-directed video for the first single, “I’m Alive.” Atom Strange blends dynamic, innovative riffs with powerful accessible melodies and hooks, while their attention to songwriting gives a sense of cinematic depth to the band.

Atom Strange and the Hi-Fi Sci-Fi movement they have pioneered is becoming an evolution in musical genres. Blending substance, groove, depth and style with top-notch recording fidelity backed by engaging, big venue stage presence truly makes Atom Strange a force to be reckoned with. the group formed in 2006 with musicians Rick Dunn and Alex Rude who shared a vision of forming a rock band that was inspired by science fiction, true life, and the absurd, and intentionally tries to avoid the clichés normally heard in the hard rock genre.